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One of the most popular hill stations located in beautiful state of Kerala in South India, Munnar has always beckoned countless holiday seekers, nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from far and wide. With its pristine natural beauty covered under thick layers of emerald forests and sprawling tea & spice plantations, it undoubtedly, makes for a perfect holiday destination where tired souls can spend few days in utmost peace and tranquillity, away from humdrums of the chaotic city lives. Needless to say, the tranquil little town is a delight for adventure seekers too; with its hill terrains and luxurious greenery, it calls for countless trekkers and campers from across the nation to explore its hidden trails sprinkled with panoramas of captivating waterfalls, sparkling rivulets and teeming birdlife.

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The rolling hills around Munnar, South India's largest tea-growing region, are carpeted in emerald-green tea plantations, contoured, clipped and sculpted like ornamental hedges. The low mountain scenery is magnificent – you’re often up above the clouds watching veils of mist clinging to the mountaintops.

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Family Fun

Enjoy your holiday with your family. It has lot of fun and enjoyment. Munnar also has the highest peak in South India, Anamudi, which towers over 2,695 m. Anamudi is an ideal spot for trekking. Let us now explore some of the options in and around Munnar that would provide travellers ample opportunities to enjoy the captivating hill station of Munnar.

Hill Climbing

Trekking is one the most adventurous and fun-filled activity that sends the adrenaline rushing through the nerves of many adventure lovers. Blessed abundantly by nature, Kerala has a number of places that are ideal for trekking.

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Ayurvedic Massage

The Ayurmana - the heritage retreat of Ayurvedic healing at Kumarakom Lake Resort. Every beam, every wall of the Ayurmana pulsates with the historic powers of the oldest of sciences. The 200-year-old Ayurmana, had been the home of the Chathamangalathu Mana, a family of renowned Ayurvedic practitioners. And this rich legacy lives on, as the Ayurmana stands with pride as the renowned Ayurveda spa of equally befitting calibre.

Take a spice tour

The spices of Kerala date back to thousands of years in the history of the state. In the ancient times, Kerala rose to fame all around the world solely on the basis of the riches brought into the state, because of its monopoly over spices. Take a tour of the spice plantations or gardens in Munnar, Thekkady or Wayanad. Taste some authentic black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and the exotic vanilla and explore the farms on a nature walk.

Houseboat in Alleppey

Travelling in a houseboat in Alleppey is not just a matter of exquisite window views. It is an enchanting experience in itself. The cool breeze, the occasional migratory birds, and seasonal rains make the boat ride a unique experience that you can savour forever. Three things make Alleppey houseboat packages perfect: the right company, the right operator, and the right package.

Jeep Safari

At first the trip was through the highway for few kilometers and then across the narrow road with tea plantations on both sides. Finally we reached the off roads where only a 4*4 Jeep can go. We roamed through an area called Sathrum. Luckily we have seen wild elephants and sambar deer at first but they were standing far away from the sights. But the encounter with bison was closer and we got a clear view.

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